Unique cleaning chemistry
Natural, powerful cleaning

Safe Care Clean products are comprised solely of plant-based, non-ionic materials including alcohols, soy and cotton seed. The potency of our cleaning product compounds is due to the multiplying effect of completely changing the fingerprint of the root chemistries into very powerful irreversible colloids (suspensions) with very unique properties.


Atomic dirt busting particles.

Safe Care Clean’s super cleaning power is thanks to an army of surfactant (surface-active agents) molecules called micelles, found in the colloid. When combined with water, the micelles break water's surface tension (the property that keeps water droplets round), resulting in ‘super wet’ water. This same action enables the micelles to penetrate grease, oil and related organic soils and hold them in liquid suspension. The micelle cleaning action is similar to an atomic explosion where random interaction of the particles loosens the soil.

Being a solubiliser, our feature product, SC1000™ Aqueous Cleaner is superior to traditional dispersants and emulsifiers. Unlike emulsifiers that encapsulate the oil molecule, SC1000™ simply separates oil molecules into fine droplets. This means grime and dirt can easily be washed away with water and the product is readily biodegradable.


A little bit goes a long way.

SC1000™ Aqueous Cleaner, is so powerful that crude oil will be completely lifted from the cleaning surface using only a small amount of SC1000™. By using less you save money and the environment.


Safe Care Clean products won’t damage surfaces

SC1000™ is tough on dirt but gentle on cleaning surfaces. Generally, Safe Care Clean® Safety Solvents are non-reactive with cleaning surfaces including elastomerics such as viton, butyl, nylon, acrylics, HDPE/LDPE, styrenes, urethanes, vinyls and most inorganic paints and coatings.


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